We will walk from port to ocean and ocean to world relief.

The name represents the being. As our name implies, Port Relief Engineering Co., Ltd. supports ships in port.
We were established to maintain the engines and procure equipment for vessels owned by Maruha Nichiro Corporation.

We continued to single-mindedly support the safe and comfortable operation of ships for 50 years.
I myself have worked as a ship's engineer, manufactured and sold our own seawater desalination equipment, and worked in the on-site construction department.

Now, we have matured into an ever-growing group of engineers, with our construction, trading, and in-house divisions all full of experts.
Our trading division, in particular, has earned the trust of our customers and continues to make great strides.

The skills we have cultivated are now recognized. We are now also involved in engine maintenance and equipment delivery for land-based facilities. We will continue to improve our technological capabilities and become the number one choice by applying the skills we have acquired on land to ships.

Junji Chino
President (CEO)

Junji Chino


Trade namePort Relief Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Established24 Feb. 1973
  • 本社外観Head Office
  • 横浜支店外観Yokohama Branch
  • 下関営業所外観Shimonoseki Branch

Head OfficeMAP
1-30-3 Tabatashinmachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL : 03-5901-6090 FAX : 03-5901-6085

Yokohama BranchMAP
6-2 Torihama-cho, Kanazaa-ward, Yokohama-City
TEL : 045-773-0202 FAX : 045-773-0204

Shimonoseki BranchMAP
Eiko-Shimonoseki Bldg., 13-22, Kannonzaki-cho, Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguchi
TEL : 083-227-2202 FAX : 083-227-2788

Authorized Capital¥40,000,000 of which ¥10,000,000 has been paid up
DirectorsPresident Junji Chino
Executive Director Shingo Harima (Sales Dept.)
Executive Director Michio Sekizawa (General Affairs and Accounting Dept.)
Director Masahiko Sugano (Yokohama Branch)
Auditor Kouichi Mizushiro
ShareholderMaruha Nichiro Corporation
BankThe Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation (JFC)



Organization on Apr. 2020



February 1973Established as a subsidiary company of Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd. (Present: Maruha Nichiro Corporation)
Specialized in repair of vessels owned by Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd. and its related companies.
February 1978Shimonoseki Branch was established for the marketing of various machines in Kanmon District.
July 1982Began to offer the technical training for the foreign trainees in vited by Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation.
April 1984Purchased and fully equipped the present Yokohama Main Plant at 6-2 Torihamacho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama.
September 1993Exceeded 500 in the sale of HISUI.
April 2007Changed a Yokohama Factory into the Yokohama Branch.
July 2007Purchased a headquarters building and moved a head office to Tabata-Shinmachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo.
Feburuary 2009Consigned as a sales agent of The Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd. in the territory of Tohoku, Japan.
October 2009Consigned as a sales agent of IHI Power Systems Co.,Ltd.
March 2010Consigned as a sales agent of Akasaka Diesel Ltd. in the territory of Hokkaido, Japan.
October 2011Established a PRE SEOUL office and started sales of engine spare parts for fishing vessels in Korea.
April 2018Consigned as a sole agent of Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.
Feburuary 202250th anniversary of the establishment of the company.
April 2022Junji Chino appointed sixth president.