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Fresh Water Generator

Fresh Water Generator

Fresh Water Generator "Hisui" series manufactured by Port Relief Engineering Co.,Ltd.
It enables stress-free washing and bathing on board.
Stable supply of fresh water leads to a comfortable voyage.
Port Relief Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a company that has grown along with ships, and "HISUI" is a proof of our technology.

Fresh Water Generator "HISUI"

Machine for marine products (Shrimp sorting machine)

Machine for marine products (Shrimp sorting machine)

A shrimp sorter with a simple design and low cost and compact size.
Can be Installed on land or on board, and you can also save the installation space.


47 years of experience.
Starting with the engine maintenance of a whaling ship, we have been carrying out maintenance work for all ships in Japan and abroad since 1973.
The technology we have cultivated has received high praise not only in ships but also in the field of onshore engine maintenance.

Ship maintenance

Ship maintenance

General engine maintenance and supervision work available. Various types of engines can be maintained, from large 2-cycle engines to small package type engines.
We also carry out turbocharger and marine equipment maintenance in general.

Onshore power generator maintenance

Onshore power generator maintenance

Construction results in 2019
Emergency power generator [Periodical maintenance]
26 buildings
Emergency power generator [Inspection and repair]
26 buildings
We carry out maintenance of generator engines of various manufacturers.



ZHOUSHAN LONGSHENG SHIP INDUSTRY CO.,LTD Information for repairing fishing boats
You can download and view the materials related to ship repair.


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  • “Zhejiang Industrial Group Co., Ltd” Company Information

  • Repair Record at ZHOUSHAN LONGSHENG SHIP INDUSTRY 2017-2019

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