Privacy Policy

Port Relief Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “we”) considers proper protection of personal information to be our social responsibility, and strives to treat personal information in a proper way as stated below.

1. Collection and use of personal information

When collecting personal information, we will collect it by an appropriate method, clarify the purpose of use, and use it within the scope of the following purposes.

  • To provide product information and services such as ship engine parts
  • For maintenance of vessels
  • To carry out recruitment activities and related operations
  • To carry out other operations necessary to execute other businesses

2. Provision to third parties

We will not disclose or provide personal information to a third party except in the following cases.

  • With customer's consent
  • When providing in a state where the individual customer cannot be identified.
  • When required to be provided by law
  • When it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent
  • When a national institution or local public entity or a person entrusted with it need to cooperate in carrying out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, and if obtaining the customer’s consent may hinder the execution of the affairs.

3. Safety management measures for personal information

We will properly manage customer’s personal information and take appropriate information security measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, falsification, etc. of personal information from the outside.

4. Personal information protection management system

We will establish a management system for protection of personal information, takes necessary and appropriate safety management measures, and implements proper management of personal information.

5. Procedures such as disclosure of personal information

For inquiries, changes, suspension of use, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure") of retained personal data held by us, please contact the following.
When making an inquiry, we will confirm that you are the individual or a legitimate representative of the individual, and then take the necessary steps within a reasonable period and range.
Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure due to laws and regulations.

[ Reception desk ]
General Affairs Department, Port Relief Engineering Co., Ltd.
Please contact us at

6. Changes to privacy policy

The contents of the privacy policy may be reviewed and improved as necessary. The latest version will be posted on the website of Port Relief Engineering Co., Ltd.

Amended April 1, 2020